Expert at your service

Anyone who is considering selling or buying property should always work with professionals who take the time to understand the unique real estate goals of each client, and are the experts in the markets they serve. These are the characteristics you can expect when working with a real estate Advisor. Each Advisor has been selected for their outstanding service reputation and their ability to represent our core values which are competence, exclusivity and passion. We are a real estate brand with over 23 years of experience in the brokerage and marketing of top-quality properties. Knowing that no two real estate transactions are ever the same, they are always prepared and as a result have earned the trust of clients. No one will do more to market your property in order to obtain the best outcome for you — the highest possible purchase price and the greatest peace of mind.



Your home is one of your largest investments. You should work with someone who understands local markets and trends. We offer expert real estate representation with the highest ethics. We will maximize the return on your investment by employing our market expertise and unique marketing strategies. We offer additional discounts for institutional and private investors. We have experience in significant REO portfolios and retail investment bundles. Contact us for special pricing.

New agent bootcamp

Our new agent bootcamp is an immersive, comprehensive 16-hour seminar. Agents will learn every-thing they need to know to become an active, producing agent. The bootcamp seminar covers everything from contracts, reports, real estate financing to inspections. Agents will gain a complete understanding of the real estate business. This program is also great for part time agents or agents getting back into the real estate business. The bootcamp seminar is a great way for brokerages to get a large number of agents trained at one time. The program can be tailored to the brokerage’s specific needs.

This two-day, intensive boot camp program designed to teach you the specific activities an agent needs to perform on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in order to operate. Our program focuses on critical business building activitiesand the skillsrequired to perform them successfully on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.


Certified Divorce Specialist

We have certified divorce specialists ready help navigate you through the difficult time of divorce.

We assist family lawyers/mediators in making determinations of value regarding real property and secured home related loans and liens. We offer free 30-minute consultations for our services. Often times attorneys or even judges don’t fully understand the ins and outs of real estate transactions regarding divorce. This can cause mistakes that can cost tens of thousands of dollars and even ruin your credit or prevent you from future home ownership.

Our process helps clients preserve home ownership, maximize equity and assist in subsequent home purchases.

We will meet with attorneys to assist clients develop the most equitable solutions to solve the challenges of separating real estate through the divorce process. In addition, we are court certified in most courts in Norther California. We can offer expert testimony on valuations, time periods and methods of disposition.

We offer family law attorneys access to our information seminars and webinars in order to give them valuable information for their clients. ertified Divorce Realtor working with family law attorneys, the courts and homeownersto preserve property rights.

Brokerage Management/ Recruiting

We offer brokerage recruiting and retention training. The training gives managers and brokers tools to successfully hireand retain qualified candidates. We can also host seminars and “Lunch and Learns” to increase your teams marketplace visibility. We can train one on one or in large groups. We are all Ninja Selling trained and certified. We offer over 200 seminars and webinars designed for agent engagement. We also offer recruiting services that can recruit qualified agents to your specific valuation. We work with you to develop a recruiting plan. Whether you are looking to hire 10 or 1000 agents we will develop a customized, comprehensive recruiting plan for you.


Professional Valuations/Facilitation

We offer the most comprehensive and accurate market valuations available. We offer this service free of charge for our clients. These can be used to assist you in pricing your home correctly to match the market. The valuation can also be helpful in conjunction with expert testimony to validate and verify property values in a court of law. We represent clients in divorce cases, imminent domain and property disputes cases.

We also offer facilitation. There may not always be a need for a full-service brokerage. In those cases, our clients can take advantage of affordable facilitation.